Coreboard Basic Set – the basic package for balance training

Coreboard Basic Set – the basic package for balance training

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Training options ► Your ideal training device for balance training. The side handles can be used for unstable push-ups, for example.

Thanks to the two removable hemispheres, the board can be used as a balance board if desired.

The board is 3D unstable in all directions when using only one hemisphere, with the use of both hemispheres only in two directions (front-back or sideways).

The supplied role also allows very versatile"unstable"training options.

✅ Expandable with our ball rollers for sliding training

Material ► Made from multi-layer solid beech wood, the board is extremely stable and suitable for professional use.

Surface ► The core basic panel is impregnated with a special hard oil wax, the natural properties of the wood such as breathability, open pores and permeability remain fully intact; no electrostatic charge.

✅ Scope of delivery

  • 1 piece core basic plate
  • 2 hemispheres transform the balance board into a wobbly board or a therapy top.
  • Tulipwood round wooden roller with anti-slip rubber, diameter 110 mm

Info ► Since training with the coreboard is designed for unstable body positions and this increases the risk of injury from falling or slipping, it is absolutely necessary to complete the training on a medium-hard sleeping mat and to protect the training area with mats.

Load ► The training device can be loaded with a maximum of 150 kg.