Kraxl Board - About us

Who is actually Kraxl-Board??

The cradle of Kraxl-Board is Intern Element OHG, a medium-sized master carpentry company from South Tyrol, which was founded in January 1975 by our father Franz Oberrauch. Starting as a small workshop in the basement of a residential building in Unterinn am Ritten, our 12-man business is now located in the craftsmen's zone of Klobenstein am Ritten and is run by us brothers Peter and Georg Oberrauch.

At 1,200 meters above sea level, with our team of specialized workers and on a production area of ​​1,300 m², we manufacture pretty much everything that can be made from wood. Since 2014, this has also included the training products from our Kraxl-Board brand. It was our love of sport and nature as well as our good contacts with sport climbers that gave us the idea of ​​producing high-quality training equipment made of wood. Sustainable and fair towards our employees, our customers and nature.r.

How it all began...

It was a day in January 2014 when Georg picked up an idea that friends had brought to him in discussions some time before: the idea of ​​making a climbing training board out of wood. Georg couldn't let go of what was initially just said. As a part-time fitness trainer and sports enthusiast himself, he knew the importance of having the right equipment to advance in a field. So he got smart, got advice from climbers and looked around the market.

While his brother Peter continued the work in the carpentry shop, Georg invested a lot of time in research and ultimately the development of a climbing board. When he made the first prototype at the beginning of 2014, he contacted climbing phenomenon and extreme mountaineer Simon Gietl. Simon's reaction: pure enthusiasm! The alpine climber and the carpenter worked together to develop the first prototype until they were satisfied with the result. The result of the promising collaboration was a first training board of exceptional quality.

The flawless production by master carpenters, consisting of multi-layered solid beech wood and equipped with different handle shapes, handle depths and bevels make the Kraxlboard a versatile and elegant training device!

The success gave us the motivation to keep going. Over time, the product portfolio has expanded and now offers everything the ambitious climber needs for home training. Today, the high-quality Kraxlboard products are very popular with climbers from all over the world.



from left: Georg Oberrauch, Simon Gietl and Peter Oberrauch