Steigere deinen Grip: Wie Trainingskugeln dein Kletterniveau verbessern können

Increase your grip: How training spheres can improve your climbing level

Attention climbers! Do you want to improve your grip strength and increase your climbing level? Then training spheres are just the thing for you! These handy balls are a great way to increase your finger and hand strength. They can be used anywhere - in the gym or at home - and provide an effective workout for any climber.

In this blog post you will learn how to strengthen your fingers and hands with targeted training and how to conquer more difficult climbing routes. Here we go!

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1. Introduction: Why you need to strengthen your grip

If you climb regularly, you will know the importance of a strong grip. Without sufficient grip strength, you will have difficulty holding on to the rocks and moving from one route to the next. 

But a strong grip is not only an advantage when climbing. Increased grip strength can also be useful in everyday life, for example when opening glasses and bottles, carrying heavy objects or holding on to something.  In addition, targeted training of the hands and fingers helps to prevent injuries because the muscles are strengthened and thus tendons and ligaments are better protected. 

There are numerous devices on the market that you can use to train your grip strength. Among the most popular are hand trainers in various designs and so-called "grippers", i.e. special grips for gripping and pressing. The classic climbing board is also an excellent way to train your grip. To effectively increase your grip strength, you should regularly do specific exercises - preferably several times a week for a few minutes each time. A simple exercise is to squeeze a hand trainer or gripper with both hands at the same time. 

Hangboards also offer many possibilities: For example, you can hang on small ledges or hold on to large slopers. Another option are finger dumbbells: These are small weights that you grip and move with your fingertips. 

No matter which training tool you prefer, a strong grip is essential for successful climbing and everyday activities. With targeted training and the right training equipment, you can effectively increase your grip strength and prepare yourself for difficult climbing routes or challenges in everyday life.

 Kraxlboard Classic Hangboard made from wood

2. What are training spheres and how do they work?

Training spheres are an effective tool to improve your grip and finger strength. They come in different sizes and difficulty levels. Beginners should start with a smaller ball, while advanced players can try larger diameters or more difficult versions. The diameter of the balls should always depend on the size of the palm of the hand - for example, we recommend training spheres with a diameter of 80 or 100 mm for women. For men, on the other hand, the training spheres with a diameter of 100 to 120 mm are suitable. Our training spheres with a diameter of 150 mm are suitable for well-trained climbers and professionals.

Grip training can also be varied and increased with different surfaces and structures. For example, our training spheres have a special ribbing that provides an incredible grip.

Training spheres with special structure

The aim is to specifically train the muscles of the hands and thus make it easier to grip holds when climbing. Through regular training with training spheres, the fingertips can gain strength and you can thus steadily improve your climbing level. 

Training spheres have a great advantage, namely their versatility: there are countless exercises for improving grip strength as well as stabilising the wrist. For example, you can try out different holding positions or simulate dynamic movement sequences.

But be careful: as with any training, you should be careful not to overdo it! Overloading the hands can quickly lead to injuries or aggravate existing complaints.


3. How training spheres can improve your climbing technique

How can you improve your climbing technique and increase your level with the help of training spheres? By regularly working with training spheres, you train your finger and forearm muscles and improve your grip. Through regular training with the balls, you increase your grip strength and can hold on to difficult routes longer or grip small holds better. 

In addition, training with training spheres also promotes your coordination and fine motor skills, as you always have to master new challenges due to the different sizes and shapes of the balls. 

Another advantage of training spheres is their flexibility: you can take them with you everywhere and integrate them into your training - whether it's climbing indoors or outdoors on the rock or even climbing training at home. Our training spheres come with 1 metre of cord per ball and can therefore be used in a variety of ways - whether at home or on the move. You can also combine them with our compact hangboard, the Kraxlboard To Go. This is specially equipped with ring nuts to which you can quickly and easily attach the training spheres.

Kraxlboard To Go - The compact and versatile hangboard for on the go

So if you want to specifically work on your grip and want to improve your climbing technique, you should definitely take a look at training spheres!


4. The advantages of training spheres at a glance

  • Improving grip strength and finger strength
  • Improvement in gripping technique
  • Training of different grip types
  • Individual training with different sizes and structures of the balls
  • Increase in climbing level through optimal grip training
  • Training flexibility and versatility
  • Training possible anytime and anywhere
  • Small space required, suitable for taking along

 Wooden training spheres with various diameters

5. Conclusion: How to optimize your grip training

As we have already seen in the previous sections, training spheres can be an incredibly useful addition to your climbing training. They not only help you improve your grip strength, but also increase your hand and finger strength.

However, to get the most out of your grip training, there are a few things to consider. First, you should make sure that you are using the right size and structure of training balls. It's also important to exercise regularly and do different exercises to target all the muscles in your hands and fingers. A good way to add variety to your workout is to use different grip shapes and sizes.

And finally, you should make sure that you plan enough rest periods to give your muscles enough time to regenerate.

By following these tips and training regularly with training balls, you will soon notice a significant improvement in your grip strength and climbing technique.


If you would like more useful tips about climbing and training, feel free to visit our Kraxl Blog posts again!

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