Hangboard-Montage leicht gemacht: Warum du diese Tipps unbedingt beachten solltest!

Hangboard installation made easy: Why you should definitely follow these tips!

You are looking for an effective training method for your climbing skills Then you should definitely consider a hangboard. It offers you the opportunity to specifically train your finger strength and thus master difficult routes..

But before you get started, you should note a few important tips for assembly. This is the only way to ensure that your hangboard hangs stably and securely on the wall. In this blog you will learn everything you need to know about hangboard assembly made easy - from choosing the right place to the perfect fastening technique. So let's get started together and take your training to the next level!

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1. Important basics before assembly

    Before you assemble your new hangboard, you should consider a few important basics. First of all, you should make sure you have the right tools and materials on hand. These include a drill, screws, dowels and a spirit level. OurKraxlboard Hangboards always include the right screws but no dowels in the scope of delivery, as these must always be selected depending on the wall structure!!

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    One of the basics of assembly is that you think about where you want to mount the hangboard in advance. Make sure that the ground is stable enough and that you have enough space for the board. If you observe these measures, you can soon start assembling the hangboard!

    2. Select the right materials for assembly

      When it comes to assembling your hangboard, you should definitely pay attention to the right materials. This is the only way to ensure that your board hangs securely and stably on the wall. It is best to use dowels and screws that are suitable for the wall texture. Heavy-duty dowels, for example, are suitable for concrete walls. When choosing the screws, galvanized screws are sufficiently stable.

      Plasterboard walls are only suitable for installation to a limited extent. You should always make sure that the installation takes place on a doorway. Stable floor-to-ceiling beams or posts usually run on either side of the passageway. So if you position the drill holes above and on both sides of the door frame, you have a good chance of stable installation. In addition, it is best to use a fixed base plate (e.g. a formwork panel or similar) on which you can screw your board.

      Included with ourKraxlboard Hangboards the screws are always included. Also note the weight of your hangboard as well as your own weight and choose appropriately stable and resilient materials.

      Important: Let an expert help you choose the right dowels and screws for your wall construction! Because only with the right choice of materials can you ensure that you can mount your hangboard safely and stably.

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      3. Find the best place to mount your hangboard

      If you want to mount your hangboard, it is important to find the best place to do it, to ensure your safety and avoid injuring yourself while training. First you should think about where exactly you want to hang your hangboard. There are several possibilities, such as on a wall, on a door frame or on a beam. Once you have decided on an option, you should make sure that the surface is stable enough to support the weight of the hangboard and your body weight. A concrete or brick wall works best for this. If you have drywall, be sure to invest in wall anchors that are rated for the weight of the hangboard.

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      We have developed a particularly stable suspension for our Kraxlboard Hangboards: The Wall Base tilt-adjustable suspension for hangboards training boards with wall distance . On the one hand, this attachment structure ensures a safe and stable assembly of your hangboard. On the other hand, you automatically create a practical distance from the wall, which is useful for the necessary legroom during your training. The suspension can be combined with our hangboards, pegboards, pull-up bars and slopers, as well as with other commercially available hangboards and pegboards.

      Kraxlboard The Wall Base- neigungsverstellbare Aufhängung für Hangboards Trainingsboards mit Wandabstand

      Another important factor is the height of the mount. The hangboard should be fixed at a height that allows you to easily reach the handles. However, it should not be too high to avoid injuries in the event of a fall.

      By following these tips, you'll find the best place to mount your hangboard and train safely and effectively.

      4. Ensure secure attachment

      Ensuring secure attachment is the be-all and end-all when assembling a hangboard. After all, you're hanging your entire body weight on it and don't want to hurt yourself. So if you have made sure that the wall construction is stable enough, you can start with the assembly.

      Before you start drilling, you should think carefully about where and how many holes are needed. Most boards have pre-drilled holes - these should be observed! Draw in the correct distance and it is best to use a spirit level to check. When everything is prepared, you can finally start! Now use the right drill bit to drill holes in your wall with a depth of at least 6 cm (at least 1 cm deeper than the dowel length). Then insert a dowel and screw it firmly to your board or oursKraxlboard The Wall Base suspensiong.

      Tip: Invest in good wall anchors rated for the total weight. Also make sure the screws are properly tightened. A loose grip can be dangerous.

      If you follow these tips, you can be sure that your hangboard will hang securely and stably on the wall.

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      5. Finally, 5 tips for your ideal hangboard training

      1) Make sure that the hangboard is mounted at a comfortable height so that you can use it comfortably. A good way to check this is to hold the hangboard at the height you plan to use it later and see if you can hang from it comfortably.

      2) Another important point is choosing the right hangboard. There are many different models on the market, varying in size and shape. Choose a board that suits your needs and your training level. You can find our different ones hereKraxlboard models.

      3) Before you start training on the hangboard, you should definitely warm up. Your finger and hand muscles must be gradually acclimated to the strain to prevent injury. A short warm-up phase of about 10 minutes is sufficient for this.

      4) Always start your training on the hangboard with easy exercises and slowly increase to more difficult variants. Make sure that your movement sequences are clean and carry out each exercise in a controlled manner. Avoid overdoing it and listen to your body. If you feel pain or feelings of overload, you should stop the training.

      A recommended training method on the hangboard is the so-called maximum hanging time. Here you hang on certain handles for as long as possible and gradually increase your holding time. However, it is also important here to perform the exercises properly and take sufficient breaks between the individual sets.n.

      5) Another important aspect of hangboard training is recovery. Your fingers need time to recover so that they can optimally prepare for the next training session. Therefore, make sure that you plan enough rest periods and support your muscles with targeted stretching.


        In summary, hangboard training can be an effective way to improve finger strength provided you use it carefully and follow a few basic principles such as warming up, increasing the level of difficulty, and adequate recovery time..

        A regular training routine is also important - don't just train sporadically or when you feel like it! Plan fixed training sessions and stick to them consistently.

        And finally: listen to your body! If you feel pain or feel that your muscles are overworked, stop exercising for a few days or reduce the intensity of the exercises.

        With these tips, nothing stands in the way of successful hangboard training!

        If you would like more useful tips about climbing and training, please visit our againKraxlblog posts over!


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