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Kraxlboard Rock (eng)

Our new flagship


There is no board in which more expertise and know-how is contained than our Kraxlboard Rock.

The various rungs on 3 levels offer extremely diverse ways to train your fingers- with varying pocket depths, shapes and angles.

The roughened slopers on the top of the board are perfect for training your arm strength, whereas the 80 mm round slopers on the bottom are great for your pinch grip training.

The generous jugs on the top help you finish off your fatigued arms.

The Kraxlboard Rock is the perfect tool for your climbing training and can be combined with our  PegboardKombiboard and round slopers


Product details: 

  • multilayer laminated beech wood
  • dimensions: 780 x 296 x 70 mm
  • exceptionally generous jugs to finish off fatigued arms
  •  slopers 35° und 22,5° on upper side
  • big round sloper, center top, for one-armed pull-ups
  • 80 mm round slopers on bottom side for pinch grip training
  • can be combined with our  PegboardKombiboard and round slopers



Delivery includes mounting screws; no pegs are included.

Das Kraxlboard Rock

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